Background and systems 

The work looks at how three dimensional form comes to be and how it is experienced. The drawings and installations use lines, in two and three dimensions, to create form. The work is emergent rather than figurative or illustrative, and develops through the use of structural systems. One of these systems, Dendrites, is explained below. The structures can be produced across dimensions and scales: from a single mark on a page to a room filled with complicated form; the development over time and within a space is also often made evident.  The focus of the work is on process, which develops directly from the structural capabilities of materials and in response to space, and on aspects such as scale, growth, depth and emergence. The drawings and installations combine to bring a wider focus to the work, across dimensions.


The work has led to discussions about connections with many other disciplines, including physics, maths and engineering. This in turn led to my co-founding and running a talks organisation - ideas-matter-sphere - from 2011 to 2015, as well as an ongoing series of multi-disciplinary groups. These bring together practitioners to share ideas which develop independently yet which have points of connection.

Colloquium Dendrite Form © Caroline Lambard .jpeg

Dendrites System

Two systems are used to create the three dimensional forms - Dendrites and Columns. This is a summary of the development of the Dendrites system.

© Caroline Lambard 2019

Caroline Lambard - Timeline - installation web.jpg

Step 1: Starting point - section of Timeline installation (2008)

Caroline Lambard - timeline cluster - web.jpg
cluster lines copy.jpg

Step 2: Working with the photo of an individual cluster (paper fragments suspended on filament), lines were drawn to emphasise and extend the outlines of the shapes into space, to challenge what was actually being seen.

jpeg A1 - filaments - Studio open - installation images for display.jpg

Step 3: The structure of the drawn lines were translated back into three dimensions, using filament strung inside an open steel cube. Intersections were defined with ink to bring form back into the structure.

The construction method involved individual Y-shaped threads forms, which became the building blocks for the Dendrite system.

mme lillies 4 jpeg copy 2.jpg

Step 4:. Once scaled up, the Dendrite system could be used to create installations which were versatile and responsive to complicated spaces. The system allowed the process and experience of incremental development to be shared with the audience. Development time was flexible: Colloquium completed in 1 day, Madame Lillies (illustrated here) spanned 10 days.

CAROLINE LAMBARD - Echo Chamber installation .jpg

Step 6: Echo Chamber focused on emergence and identity. Once the underlying dendrite structure of white thread was complete, selected lines were painted red. The ‘form’ which emerged instantly became visually dominant and defined the work.



Exhibition - Internal Structure : External Form - Angus-Hughes Gallery

Studio salon - Drawings
Exhibition - Drawing - Lubirimov Angus Hughes summer exhibition
Installation - In Transit,  OPO Scarborough


Studio salon - Crossing Boundaries
Studio salon - Time
Installation - Counterworks, Geddes Gallery, London


IMS Salon -  Coping with Complexity
IMS Salon - Evidence of Presence
IMS Salon - Making Places
IMS Salon - Art of Chemistry, Chemistry of Explosions
Artist Talk - London architectural students


Installation/IMS Salon - Echo Chamber, Bond House, London
Installation - Foundry Lines, Arklow Road Foundry, London
Artist Talk - Kingston University
IMS Salon - Future States
IMS Salon - Perception of Colour
IMS Salon - Hidden Pattern


IMS Exhibition/IMS Salon/Installation - A Matter of Substance (co curator), APT Gallery
IMS Salon - Drumming
IMS Salon - Light, Sound and Space (LSE pub)
IMS Salon - Visual Science


IMS Salon - Spatial Perception/Visual Memory
IMS Salon - Pattern Completion
IMS Salon - Music for Systems/ Systems for Music
IMS Salon - Material physics meets sculpture


IMS Salon - Art meets Physics
Exhibition/salon - A Theory of Everything, Core Gallery, London


Solo event - Lines/Planes - Central School of Speech & Drama


Solo exhibition - Dendrites - Mme Lillies, London


Installation - Illumini, Transition Line II, St Pancras Crypt, London
Exhibition - Transition Line I - Chocolate Factory, London


Installation - Intersections - Chocolate Factory, London
Installation - Timeline - Chocolate Factory, London


Installation - Flowlines - Dyson Studio, London


Public artwork projects


Installations - Flowfield and Nearly 100 silver windmills, Florence Trust, London (Residency)


Background degree: 3D Design, Industrial Ceramics & Glass

(IMS is ideas-matter-sphere.  Salons were held at The Devereux pub, Temple, London unless marked otherwise.)