In Transit installation - image: lee thompson

In Transit installation - image: lee thompson

'Looking at In Transit, it again very much reminds me of trees reduced to prototypical forms, and aspects of projective geometry in which lines in two-dimensions are seen from three dimensions. Because one can move around the space, it feels like you are using the third dimension like a time dimension: lines come in and out of projected coincidence either because of a change of perspective, or because of an evolution in time. At the same time, the actual building/space calls attention to itself because it too looks reduced (emptied out into a shell). The way the windows have been boarded up makes it look as if it is also undergoing a process of reduction/abstraction, much like the lines and planes.'

Nicholas R Moloney, Fellow, London Mathematical Laboratory


The installation occupied one of the four rooms which make up the Old Parcels Office - OPO - at Scarborough railway station.

The structural lines began from the fixing points on the floor in each of the four corners of the room.   They then travelled up the corners to the roof line and the second fixing points, and from there into the centre of the room. coming together to form five suspended forms, anchored to the floor by brick weights.

The installation was the latest in a series of investigations into how form can emerge directly from the structural possibilities of individual materials – in this case elastic thread and polypropylene planes.

In constructing the installation, characteristics of the space helped define its development.  Time was spent gaining a sense of space: climbing to the high points, working on the floor,  observing how the light changed, how the space sounded.  In this way, the development was sensitive to feedback between form, material and space.

The structure also embodied the effects of change ‘In Transit’.   Each of the five suspended forms had the same starting points at the four corners.  However, because of slight variations in position, height, plane size etc,, which occurred ‘in transit’ between the top fixing point and the anchor, each of the five forms had a unique appearance.  They formed a group of similar individuals.

The exhibition was curated by Alex Carr and Caroline Underwood and was part of the Coastival Festival 2017.

In Transit installation - Caroline Lambard - photo: Lee Thompson

Above:  In Transit installation - image: Lee Thompson

Below:  The main canopy of the Old Post Office building seen from the platform of Scarborough Station

Old Parcels Office building