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Echo Chamber combined an exhibition curated by Rosalind Davis and an ideas-matter-sphere salon event.  

It developed as a creative exchange between Rosalind Davis, Michaela Nettell and myself, each of whose work involves the perceptual experience of space and form.

‘Echo chamber’ in this case referred to a gallery in which ideas, processes and materials were brought together to reverberate one against another.  In this way, shared ways of working could be observed and new thoughts and practices set in motion.

The ‘Line’ installation was developed in response to this concept and to the gallery space.  It was created in collaboration with the curatorial process, so its final form worked around and was interwoven with Rosalind and Michaela’s work.

Using white elastic threads, a series of Y-shaped lines were gradually introduced, fracturing the void and at the same time connecting walls, pipes, vents etc.  The form responded both to the site and to its own developing structure, creating a feedback system.  The developmental steps were recorded and displayed as an animation so the growth pattern over time could be understood alongside the final form.

Once completed, selected lines of the structure were coloured with red paint.  This instantly changed the visual focus and the sense of identity, because whereas previously the mass of white lines had defined the form, now the red pathway became the definitive form, the white lines becoming the support structure.  A second generation of form had emerged.

The top image shows Michaela Nettell's collage visible through the form.

further information at and  Zeitgeist Arts Projects


Top: section of installation photo: Caroline Lambard

Below:  installation photo: Aubrey Wade, part of full animated sequence

© Caroline Lambard 2017

Caroline Lambard - echo chamber installation