c lambard - dendrites knot

The installation focused on the development of a form over time.

The structure occupied the entire gallery space and the incremental process of development, together with the changing sense of space as the form grew, could be experienced by visitors over the 10 day construction.  It was also webcast daily, allowing a distant audience to follow progress.

Starting with a single Y shaped form which divided the space, more Y-lines were added each day so the void gradually became a dense cluster.   People passing the gallery were able to follow developments through the full shopfront window – attracting some keen viewers to return late at night, to check what had changed.  They were also able walk into and around the developing form.   Three colours were used to create intertwining sub-structures and at night the space was flooded with lavender light, further emphasising the relationship of structure and void.

The title ‘dendrite’ was a reference to organic growth (Greek ‘dendron’ = tree) and neuronal development.

Several visitors reported that the lines produced a visual ambiguity, and could be read either as a solid structure or as the division lines between fractured planes.


Top - Caroline Lambard - detail of the knots at the intersections of the Y-forms

Below -

1Installation as seen through the front door of the gallery - photo: Richard Barnes

2 Caroline Lambard - Dendrites drawing showing development stages of installation


© Caroline Lambard 2017


c lambard - dendrites installation
Caroline Lambard - Dendrites drawing showing development stages of installation