Flowfield was exhibited at the Florence Trust following a one year residency.

It was based on a small section of sand patterns photographed on a beach after the tide had receded.  The carved forms were suspended at shoulder height and the shape duplicated underneath, to create a flow form in the round.

A mirror strip on either side of the room reflected the top half of the forms infinite times, creating the illusion of a field through which viewers heads floated as they walked through.  And in walking through the suspended flowforms, they replicated the flow of the receding tide.

The forms were carved in polystyrene, coated in green flock and suspended in a purpose-built white space.  With soft white flooring and visitors encouraged to remove their shoes, it was designed to provide a complete sensory contrast to its Victorian Gothic surroundings.

© Caroline Lambard 2017

Caroline Lambard - flowfield installation - side image