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A Matter of Substance was an ideas-matter-sphere exhibition and salon event exploring materiality in art, science and philosophy.  It looked at how we measure, record and contextualize, and how we respond and interact with materials.  I was co-curator and exhibitor, showing two installations. 

The starting point for the event was the observation that materials can soon become defined and fixed in our minds by the everyday forms and functions assigned to them, and familiarity soon develops into fixed expectation.   The exhibited work and the salon looked again at some familiar materials, offering some alternative perspectives and exploring the transformation of materials, how measurement and context play a large part in our understanding of materials, and our perception of physical objects.

Exhibitors were artists Rich White, Catherine Jacobs, Phillip Hall Patch, Elizabeth Murton and myself, together with materials physicist Martin Uhrin.

Speakers at the salon were materials physicist Martin Uhrin, NPL psychophysicist Andrew Hanson and philosophy PhD student Josh Bronson.

Over the course of the three day exhibition the salon and a physics interactive demonstration were held within the exhibition space, with Rich White’s dramatic site-specific installation creating an ongoing live project visible from the street.

Further details of the salon talks and images of the exhibition at www.ideas-matter-sphere.com


I created two installations which explored the use of standard sewing thread to create different structures:

Firstly, a large scale structure which connected floor, roof and wall, using the thread's qualities under tension, suspension and release.

Secondly a self-contained form in a suspended steel cube in which the threads created denser, intersecting planes.

photos:  Sylvain Deleu

© Caroline Lambard 2017


C Lambard - installation - a matter of substance
c lambard section of installation