Caroline Lambard - Timeline installation

Timeline was created in response to a cliff face, to its mass, scale and complexity, and more particularly, the exposed fossil layers.

The installation developed these observations into a physical analogy.

Here, the fossil remains were images from stories taken from newspapers published on a single day.  Like their geological counterparts, many of these specific news stories were destined to become the sole surviving public memory and representation of their subjects' lives. 

In keeping with the idea of minimal remains, only the picture which accompanied each story was used.  The picture was then cut into fragments, of which a small number were suspended in 3d clusters, or collaged as 2d clusters.

Each cluster therefore held a specific story, suspended in time, alongside the fragments of other stories.  The selection criteria here, possibly, were as random (or complex) as those which defined the part of the animal which had become the fossil form now visible in the cliff face.

© Caroline Lambard 2017

 Photographs:  Jerome Wagner

Caroline Lambard - Timeline cluster detail