C Lambard - Foundry Lines installation

Foundry Lines installation was created for the Deptford Stories Festival 2014.  The Festival marked the final days of the Arklow Foundry before its planned redevelopment.

Curated by Harts Lane Gallery, the festival brought together sound, visual and performance artists to reflect on both the history and sense of space of three interconnected foundry buildings.

It was a rare opportunity to interact with a site on this scale.  Now fully stripped of machinery and equipment, what remained was an industrial cathedral of a space, its markings of use still evident.

The Foundry Lines installation worked with the sense of scale and structure in the central building.  The form visually and physically connected the 10m high cross beams to the concrete floor.


1.  Full installation shot. Hooks drilled into concrete floor;  a horizontal net created between hooks with elastic thread; vertical threads tied to the net, taken up to the cross-beam, back down and secured again to the net;  selected vertical lines marked in black to viewers’ head height;  black marking on one vertical line taken up to the cross beam to complete the visual connection of floor to beam.   Photo:  Peter Nasmyth


3.  Detail of net and connections showing black markings

2.  Detail of vertical lines showing black markings

© Caroline Lambard 2017


C Lambard - section of Foundry Lines installation
C Lambard section of Foundry Lines installation