Caroline Lambard - transition line installation

The installation was part of the group exhibition Illumini, looking at artists' use of light.

The installation was an intervention in a lighted space in the gallery, and looked at the stark and atmospheric division between light and shade. 

It reflects the moment of flying from a dark, grey world of shadow under the clouds, to the momentarily searing light above, and the recognition that all that is responsible for the dramatic change in atmosphere is a relatively thin layer of water vapour.

Here the transition layer was created from dark blue gels.  Being semi-translucent, the top of the installation was visible through them.  They were thin and fragile, yet they were sufficient to create a distinct shade pool beneath.  Piercing the gel layer were several vertical red rods, which existed both in light and shade.

Photo 1 and 3:  Sylvain Deleu

Image 2:  Caroline Lambard - development drawing for the exhibition

Caroline Lambard - drawing for transition line 2 installation

© Caroline Lambard 2017


Caroline Lambard - transition line installation